Now you will play as a zombie in PUBG mobile game

PUBG: Update

PUBG Mobile is quite popular worldwide including India. Now PUBG Mobile is fully prepared to bring a new update for its users. After the new updates in this multiplayer battle Royal game, the player will be able to play as a zombie. PUBG has recently started zombie mode in the fifth season with Resident Evil 2. Game developers have added many zombies to the gameplay, which harm you while playing a game.

However, after the new update, you will be able to play zombie yourself and attack on the other player during the game. Tencent Games introduced zombie mode for all PUBG Mobile players in the new PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 update roll-out.

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PUBG Mobile has already made itself a distinct identity throughout the world. The game is directing many big games in mobile gaming, not only in India but all over the world, with its very large player base. There is no doubt that in the game of touching the popularity in the past, its popularity has increased after the arrival of the Zombies mode. After getting a new update in which you will be able to play Zombies, its popularity will increase.

The company has made this special event with the team of Resident Evil 2. Resident Evil 2 game is known for the zombies. As soon as the game is opened, changes in this new update are known. Because the main focus of the update is the Zombies, so the menu of games is given the Zombie theme. Along with the visual theme of the Main Menu, the music also matches the theme. Residential Evil’s Famous Racoon Police Department’s building is visible in the background of the lobby. This mode is named “Zombie: Survive till Dawn” and it is included in the games menu. This mode is played in the Erangle map.

There is no change in the game play in the update. The zombie mode game starts with the Erangle map, in which a small portion of the map is available to play. In the normal game, 100 Players play together, but in the Zombie mode 60 Players descend. This is the reason that a small part of the Erangle map is available to play in the game. Full game runs for about 30 minutes, during which the game has three days and nights. Like normal game, the player needs to take safety guards and guns, and by the end, everything has to be done. However, there is a lot of difference between this, along with the rest of the players, you have to deal with the zombies, which become dangerous over time and also increase in numbers.

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