One plus 5T Final Review

Hello everyone, Today we have brought for you the final review of the One plus 5T phone.

This One Plus 5T is a redevelop version of One Plus 5 phone. Today we will tell you it’s advantages and disadvantages. This one has the new screen design in 9 aspect ratio. Because of that, it is able to fit a six edge screen. We have been using this device for the past 1 month and sharing our experience with you.

Specifications’ of One Plus 5T

In this One Plus 5T you get

Snapdragon 835 (Octa Core Processor)

3300 mah Battery (Dash Fast Charging)

64/128 Internal Storage

6/8 GB RAM / Adreno 540 GPU

Dual Sim Nano

Dual Rear Camera 16 MP/20MP both f1.7

Front Facing Camera 16 MP (f2.0)

Fingerprint Scanner/NFC

6.01” 18:9 AMOLED Screen (401 PPI)

One of the thing that we liked about this device its screen. It has big screen 6.01” 18:9 AMOLED Screen (401 PPI). It’s a modern device and looks like Galaxy S8. The screen has almost edge to edge and due to that the earlier One plus 5 had a 5.5 inch screen but this device in almost the same the body size and able to put 6 inch screen. It has a fingerprint scanner on the back and also has the Face Unlocking. They have done their own work on Face Unlocking feature to make it better, which very good thing for you. For example, you just press the power button of this phone in front of your face, it unlocks quickly. It’s really fast. But you do not need to use it because the finger print scanner given in it works very fast.

The good thing about its screen is manufactured by Samsung. It’s a good quality amoled screen. Its full HD plus and its quality is really good and this is also visible in the sunlight. It does not have issues like the one plus 5 had that jelly screen bug damages the flagship experience.

Let’s talk about its cellular quality

We tested it with Jio and Airtel 4g had no problems regarding call quality. Its earpiece is also good. It also a still retains that physical led notification light.

Let’s talk about its speakers

This phone has been upgraded but its speakers are still like the One Plus 5. It has a single mono speaker at the bottom and it’s really loud. But if it had a stereo speaker it would have been better.

The performance of its speaker also good and it took lot of calls via the speaker.  So the speaker quality was good.

Let’s talk about its auto brightness sensor

It has auto brightness feature and it works very well. All the sensors that you expect including NFC and the auto brightness sensor calibration has been done very well on this device. You do not have to manually reduce brightness and do more. Whenever you take it inside or out, it will automatically increase or decrease its brightness according to day light.

Let’s talk about its speed


Its speed performance is very similar to One Plus 5 and still using Snapdragon 835 (Octa Core Processor). Overall we have to say that the performance of this device is very good. It is a very smooth android phone. There is a ram of 6 and 8 GB. There is no problem with its Ram Management. It’s a very fluid Smartphone. When you use it, then there will be no lag issue in it.

Google Pixel 2 is a sleek Android phone and then this phone comes on second.

It works on the oxygen operating system.  Which is a very light operating system?  Whenever you press any application, it will open immediately.  So no issues regarding of its speed.

Let’s talk about its battery

The battery power which is shown on paper is same as One Plus 5. But when we used these two phones, we found that the battery of this phone runs more than One Plus 5. It’s screen is more power efficient.

This phone gives 45 minutes more screen on time compare to One Plus 5. According to the phones working on Snapdragon 835 chipset, its battery life is pretty good.

It comes with a fast charging charger and it is fully charged before 1 hour. Which is amazing?

So battery life was never an issue and still dash charging is the fastest charging.


Let’s talk about its gaming performance

We played some casual games and some heavy games like asphalt 8 on this device. There was no lag issue on this device. So which is very amazing thing about this device and whenever you play heavy games in it, it will be slightly hot from backside but not much. Because the back side is made of aluminum it will make the heat disappear. So there is no question of overheating in it.

Let’s talk about its camera

On paper, the One Plus 5 and One Plus 5T has a similar camera. But the new camera sensor is given in One Plus 5T. The main one is 16 MP the secondary is 20 MP. But secondary camera is not a telly photo lens. In the camera app you do have that 2X option and if you press that it zooms but it’s a digital zoom. The second sensor is used for low lighting conditions.

So that’s all for now.


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