PUBG Mobile will now work with better graphics in low end mobile

PUBG Mobile is such a game, almost all of which will be heard. This game has made a huge player base not only in India but also in the whole world. The company has launched this game in several gaming platforms. The game has achieved the highest popularity in PC and mobile versions. The game has become so popular that Tencent Games had to launch the Light version of this game, so users with Low-End devices could also play this game.

Like the PC version of the game, there is a great demand for graphic and RAM in the mobile version, and this is why the company has had to launch its light version. However, the light version is slightly different from the normal version. Its map is small and graphics are also slightly taken. Fights in the light game are also a little less. It is difficult for many users to play this game in their low-end device.

GFX Tools developed by some developers in this way is very useful. Through these tools, you will be able to play the normal version very comfortably in your low-end device. This tool helps your device get better performance and graphics by optimizing your game accordingly. Of these, the app named ‘GFX Tool‘ developed by Tsoml, located on the Google Play Store, is a great performance enhancer app. Let’s know how to set up this app to increase the performance of the game.

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Setting up an app’s settings

First of all, let’s tell you that this app is only available on Google Play Store, because Apple does not include such a touching app on its App Store.

1. First download the GFX Tool app developed by tsoml from Google Play Store.

2. After the installation, open the app. Now you will see a lot of options in it. You have to change these options according to your smartphone.

3. First of all, you have to choose the correct version of the PUBG Mobile game installed on your smartphone. In this, GP means the normal global version. CN means Chinese version, KR means Korea version, Beta means beta version and Lite is a light version of PUBG Mobile. If you live in India and you have downloaded the game in a normal way from the Google Play Store, then you have to choose GP.

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4. Now the next option is the resolution. In this application you have to choose the most supported resolution of your smartphone.

5. After this, in graphics you have to choose the graphics accordingly. ‘Balanced’ means that the use of graphics and battery in the game will be equal, and HDR means that the maximum use of the hardware in the smartphone is. The more you want good performance, the app will use the hardware resources of your smartphone as much as possible. It may be that it consumes more battery or your smartphone gets hot.

6. FPS comes in the next option, in which you have to choose FPS accordingly. Nowadays all devices support 60 FPS, so for the best graphics you can choose 60 FPS.

7. Anti-aliasing option is for Smooth Texture. We will give users with budget device a reservation to keep it disabled. However users with high-end devices can choose any of the options in their 2X and 4X options. The more anti-aliasing, the texture is smoother.

8. You can choose style and shadow according to your mind. It only makes a slight change in the look. There is no effect on the performance of this application. You can also choose GPU Optimization as per your mind.

9. Once this all setting is done, you can save the game by clicking on the ‘Accept’ setting and then click on ‘Run Game’ and then run the game.

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