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PureVPN may be a virtual personal network (or VPN) service packed with contradictions. it’s a beautiful interface, however unfortunately it’s clumsy and buggy. It offers an inexpensive evaluation set up for mobile devices, however extending that coverage to desktops is way costlier. This app incorporates a heap of potential, particularly given the massive and geographically various assortment of servers it connects to, and that i hope PureVPN address the issues I found.

When you are browsing the online, notably on a mobile device, your knowledge can be additional accessible to others than you think that. On public coffee-shop Wi-Fi, somebody (including the coffee bar owners) might quietly pay attention to your internet traffic whereas you sip your espresso, creating note of your aquatics habits, your conversations, your personal data, and even your passwords. additional aggressive attacks use special devices that mimic networks you have visited before, tricking your phone into connecting—often while not your information.

Cellular connections are not safe either, though exploits against them square measure less common. Researchers have incontestable that by jamming the 3G and LTE bands, they’ll force cellphones to attach to Femtocells, or transportable mobile phone towers, on the 2G band, the secret writing of that has long been compromised.

Out on the net, advertisers use trackers to correlate your movements between websites. and that is to not mention three-letter agencies and net ne’er-do-wells that are once your personal info.

your 1st line of defense ought to be a VPN. once active, the VPN routes your net traffic through a secure, encrypted tunnel to a remote server. From there, it exits onto the broader net and returns via an equivalent route. the sensible outcome is that anyone spying on your native network cannot see your traffic, and anyone on on-line|the net} cannot see your actual ip address (they see the VPN server’s IP) or correlate your real-world presence to your online activities

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PureVPN offers a various vary of helpful and intuitive options and add-ons. It’s certain to give a good user expertise whether or not you’re a novice or AN full-fledged user. With such a big amount of VPNs on the market, it’s simple for them to any or all mix along. Sometimes, it looks like every VPN is providing identical service below a distinct name. Overall, PureVPN positions themselves as a straightforward, easy service with a really advanced, solid backend.

Interface & Usability

One of the primary things that you’re certain to notice with PureVPN is that their interface is easy. From the sign-up type to download and initial association, everything is clean and well-thought out.

PureVPN offers versatile valuation for users United Nations agency solely need VPN on their mobile devices. For $4.99 per month (or $39.99 per year), you’ll be able to defend up to 5 mobile devices with PureVPN. If you wish to feature protection to desktops further, you’ll need to dish out $10.95 per month. Compared with the competition, PureVPN’s mobile arrange is very reasonable. solely KeepSolid VPN Unlimited will compete; it additionally charges $4.99 per month for 5 devices. however alternative services (including KeepSolid) embody desktops in their valuation plans. gazing it that method, the $8.00 per month for NordVPN or the $6.95 per month for personal net Access appear terribly engaging.

PureVPN (for Android)PureVPN offers a free trial, and signing up does not even need a mastercard, that i favor. Free accounts ar restricted to a pair of,048 MB of data and might solely access four of the many server locations that PureVPN offers.


While PureVPN excels in some vital areas, it isn’t good. There ar some problems you will encounter with PureVPN. At identical time, each VPN has its shortcomings. there’s not “best” VPN – solely the most effective for your wants and usage. What it boils all the way down to is this: you’ll got to assess the pros and cons of every shopper before deciding that possibility goes to be the most effective for your wants.


PureVPN offers unbelievable discounts if you’re willing to plan to a biennial term. But, if you’re searching for a lot of flexibility, you’re about to pay a premium for his or her services. On a month to month basis, PureVPN comes in at $10.95 per month, that is costlier than most of its competitors.

Most VPN services supply discounts supported the term length you’re signing up for. Users will usually expect to save lots of up to five hundredth off the value of their VPN service by buying a year or a lot of of service up front. PureVPN differentiates itself yet again by providing a reduction of seventy three if you pay up front for 2 years of service. That’s a a lot of vital discount than any of the opposite major VPN services supply.


Not all VPNs ar good, and a few supply a bigger level of security than others. after I tested the safety of PureVPN exploitation sites like ipleak.net and doileak.com, everything was cool.

However, back in 2015, a bunch of researchers in Kingdom of Spain & Australia found DNS leaks from PureVPN among others. whereas this doesn’t essentially indicate a security breach, it still causes concern since DNS leaks will leave clues concerning your identity on-line. At identical time, it’s value noting that a lot of major VPN services have leak problems, that is why most security specialists counsel combining Tor with a VPN if you’re primarily involved concerning security over access.

Any VPN user is certain to like their simple to use, feature-rich interface and also the ability to pick out different modes that are tailored to different net activities. whereas there aren’t several negatives to report once it involves PureVPN, it’s vital to admit specifically why you wish to use a VPN. If one feature / want stands out for you – then PureVPN’s balanced approach won’t be the simplest appropriate you.






  • Excellent advanced options. several servers across the world. specialised servers. reasonable mobile-only valuation.


  • Crashed sometimes. Netflix not working blocked on Netflix-specific server. Free trial not useful for testing purpose.

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