Reliance added WiFi HotSpot feature in JioPhone

Reliance Geophone is a 4G feature phone from Reliance Jio. However, the smartphone comes with some features available in some smartphones. Now the company is going to add a brand new feature and a very important feature for the users. Reliance has added the hotspot feature in its 4G feature phone. Users can now easily share 4G data via hotspot in this smart feature phone. This feature is being activated through the update in Reliance GeiPhone.

After updating, the hotspot finger will activate automatically in the phone. The update is being released gradually in all units. Within the coming days, all the units will get this update. In order to know whether the hotspot option has been received or not, users will need to go to the Settings app and check the internet sharing option. After the update, the WiFi Hotspot option will appear within the internet sharing option.

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Use the JioPhone WiFi Hotspot feature to do this

First Step: Go to the Settings panel of your phone and open the internet sharing option within the Networks and Connectivity menus.

Second step: Within this setting you will see a WiFi hotspot option, which will be off.

Third step: Now go inside this option and turn it on.

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Fourth Step: In this page you will have the option to change the name of the hotspot and change the password. You can set these settings according to your mind. After this, the hotspot will be turned on in your phone and you can connect any of your smartphones or laptops with it.

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