Samsung Galaxy F phones will come with a very limited unit

Samsung Galaxy F


South Korean smartphone maker Samsung is offering the Galaxy F smartphones next year. This will be a foldable smartphone The report, which is about the smartphone, is being said that Samsung will introduce its foldable smartphone with a very limited unit. This means that the production of this phone will be very limited.

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News coming out of South Korea is being said that the Samsung Galaxy F will produce 10 million units of the smartphone. The company will produce 10 lakh units of this smartphone in the first batch. The company will increase the production unit of this smartphone after market acceptance.

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The foldable smartphone can be launched in March 2019 after the launch of the next Samsung smartphone S10-series, because it is the latest and expensive technology, it is obvious that this smartphone can come with a very expensive price tag.

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According to the report, the smartphone can be launched at a price of $ 1,770, which is about Rs 1,29,050. This price is stated without tax, which means that the smartphone can be more expensive. If this smartphone launches at such a price, then it will be more expensive than the recently launched Apple iPhone XS Max (512 GB) worth $ 1,449 i.e. 1,05,670.

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