Samsung’s Galaxy system Note 8 has joined a modest bunch of different  smart phones  at, out of every other place on earth, the Microsoft Store. Both the online store and physical areas have the handsets, both opened and transporter marked; today, they’re $780, with a normal cost of $930.

The Note 8 joins the System 8 and 8+ and in addition Razer cell phone; Microsoft is offering every one of the four Android handsets, close by three Windows smartphone gadgets (counting the HP Tip top x3, recently accessible to Verizon). Why is Microsoft offering Android handsets? All things considered, the organization says, you can run Microsoft Launcher, a home screen/application launcher swap for Android, alongside the majority of Microsoft’s other Android applications, for example, Office, Cortana, and Skype.

This speaks to Microsoft’s fallback position in the cell phone showcase. In the event that individuals won’t purchase smartphones with Microsoft’s working framework, the organization will at any rate endeavor to get individuals running Microsoft’s applications on their smartphone. Redmond is additionally attempting to utilize these applications to enhance the Windows 10 client encounter. On the off chance that you utilize the full scope of Microsoft programming, you get some helpful additional capacities, for example, the capacity to open a site page on the PC from your smartphone, with substantially more profound coordination guaranteed soon.

While the vast majority of the applications (with the exception of Launcher) are likewise accessible on iOS, they are, at any rate in some routes, better on Android. That is on account of Android offers further reconciliation and customization abilities to outsider applications.

Microsoft can at present acquire a couple of pennies from this, as well; illuminating the full scope of Office for Android highlights requires an Office 365 membership. In any case, everything falls far shy of utilizing a genuine Microsoft telephone; Launcher isn’t awful, however it’s not a fix on the Windows Telephone interface with its live tiles. What’s more, on most smartphones , the styling is everywhere; you have Google applications with Material outline, Microsoft’s applications with their comparable however extraordinary Windows-like styling, and after that whatever applications your telephone’s OEM has packaged. I’ve been utilizing the Microsoft applications on a Huawei Mate10 Ace, and Huawei’s worked in programming, for example, its telephone dialer, stands out like a sore thumb, with symbols and an interface that resemble nothing else in the working framework (other than Huawei’s different applications).

The smartphones Microsoft is offering are generally ordinary Android handsets. Beside their bizarre seller, there’s nothing exceptional about them. On the off chance that Microsoft’s evaluating and accessibility functions admirably for you, the Microsoft Store is as great a place as any to get them. Be that as it may, you’re not passing up a great opportunity on the off chance that you don’t.


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