Best Social Messaging App for Android Who Beat Facebook And Skype

There are many messaging apps require you to give your phone number to the people you chat with, but Kik requires only one username. And a bot store already had more than 6,000 bots, with Kik beating Facebook Messenger and Skype to the punch in a field of artificial conversationalists. Group chat, photo and video sharing and gaming add to the appeal of this youth-centric app

What did the parents know?

Parents need to know that Kik is an app-based alternative to standard texting as well as a social networking app for smartphones. With features such as video, sketch, bot search, and friend or group code scanning, the app can be used by children up to the age of 13, but in fact it should only be used by older teens and adults because It is so easy to connect with strangers. There are no in-app advertisements or purchases, but the Kick Code function encourages users to use the app to associate themselves with commercial brands. A built-in web search also points users to third-party sites. Read the app’s privacy policy to learn about the types of information collected and shared.

In its Plus column, there are no message limits, character limits, or charges, and you can send a lot of content to other users, but it’s very easy for teens to connect with strangers. The search function helps you find like-minded kick users and join their special interest (art, music, cosplay, etc.) groups. You can also make your debut. However, Kik has no age verification and no teen safety measures, and it is very easy for children to talk to strangers of all ages in public groups. The “Kick Code” feature makes for quick profile swaps with other users and is used to connect you to commercial products. A “search more web pages” function directs users to (possibly) partner sites outside the app, and the “Discover Bots” function provides you with socializing with branded AI bots. All told, despite its fun features, it is a risky option for teens.

What is it about?

Registering for KIK requires using your first and last name and choosing a profile photo or creating a “bitmoji”. You are prompted to find your phone contacts for other Kik users (you can decline, but then you won’t have anyone to send messages, the app only works with other Kik users). A group search helps you find people with similar interests, and then you can join those groups or start your own. Once in a group, you can chat with members and send them photos, GIFs, videos, etc. A feature called “Kick Code” lets you make friends quickly by scanning your code with your phone’s camera. Allows. The app provides a web search function that points users to websites outside the app, and a Discover bot feature allows them to “socialize” and play games with an online chat bot.

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