Specifications Oppo F9 Pro

VOOC Flash Charge

5-minute charge 
2-hour talk

Industry leading VOOC technology, supported by over 500 patents, uses low 
voltage and high current charging solution. This makes it possible 
to charge F9 Pro for 5 minutes and receive 2 hours of talk time.

Five Layers of Protection

Safety Guaranteed

Compared with conventional high current protection, VOOC 
uses 5 levels of protection layering from the adapter to the port 
and interior of the phone. VOOC has replaced the voltage 
reducing circuit with an MCU, effectively preventing your 
mobile phone from overheating while charging.

3500mAh Battery

Long Lasting
Battery Life

With 3500mAh battery capacity, F9 Pro utilizes a smart battery 
management system to prevent battery drain. By learning and 
establishing your usage patterns and habits over time, the system 
closes inactive apps to save power. Now, your battery lasts longer so 
you can be more productive during your day.

VOOC Car Charger

More than One
Way of Charging

VOOC Car Charger makes your journey carefree and highly 
efficient. You can charge your phone anytime anywhere.

Waterdrop Screen

Extensive View

The F9 Pro 16cm (6.3″) FHD+ waterdrop screen 
features a 90.8% screen with 19.5:9 aspect ratio. This revolution in industrial design, 
as well as the breakthrough structure backed by 46 patents, 
gives you a complete view.

Dual Rear Camera

Capture Perfect Photos

A first with the F series, Dual Rear Camera provides excellent 
depth of field effects. Now, your photos can tell the full story on all their own.

25MP Front Camera with Sensor HDR

Sensational Selfie

The F9 Pro has taken regular HDR technology in existing software one step 
further by embedding the sensor HDR in hardware. The 25MP AI selfie 
camera captures beauty as nature intended. The result is exquisite, in 
bright or low light, with images that pop right off the screen.


Powerful Performance

Enhanced memory not only allows F9 Pro to run fast and smoothly, but 
does so with significantly less power and greater storage capacity. 
Now, you can store a whole lot more while doing a whole lot more.

ColorOS 5.2

Your Generalist

Upgraded ColorOS 5.2, based on Android 8.1, offers true multitasking. Now 
you can listen to music with screen off, identify any object through the lens 
or handle incoming social media messaging while gaming.

Stay tuned for more updates


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