Supreme Court rejects ban on TikTok app

Tik Tok App

The Tik Tok app is quite popular all over the world including India. Although Google and Apple advertised the order of Madras High Court in India, the Popular Video Making App Tik Tok was banned on its platform. After this, the Supreme Court has appealed to the Supreme Court against this petition, after which the Supreme Court in today’s judgment on April 22 has refused to remove the ban from the Tik Tok app. Although the Supreme Court has asked the Madras High Court to reconsider the interim stay order on Tik Talk till 24 April once again. The Supreme Court has clarified that if the Madras High Court did not consider it that day, the interim stay would be lifted. After banning Google and Apple’s app, you will no longer be able to download both of these apps from Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. The Tik Tok app is quite popular all over the world including India. Following the order of the Madras High Court, the government had instructed the two companies to remove these two applications on their platform, after which Apple and Google took this decision.

Earlier, the Madras High Court had said in its order that the TikTok app has been promoting pornographic content. The court had expressed concern over it and urged it to be closed. In response, TikTok filed a petition in the Supreme Court, which has been rejected by the Supreme Court.

The High Court had said in its order that this app is putting a wrong impression on children, which is promoting pornography. People who have this app already available on their smartphone will still be able to use it. However, new users will no longer be able to download this app from Playstore. A public interest petition was filed for this company in connection with promoting pornographic content on the TikTok app, after which the court took the decision. Despite being victim of criticism for porn content, China’s video sharing app TikTok is fast becoming popular in India. In the first quarter of the year 2019, 8.86 million Indian users have been associated with the app. According to the analysis of mobile app intensification firm Sensor Tower, compared to the first quarter last year, Tikkak’s country has a 8.2-fold increase.

This app by the Chinese technology company Byteadance was in dispute to collectively collect people’s personal information on Tolkac in America and elsewhere. While hearing a petition, the Madras High Court had said this month that the Central Government should ban it. The court had said, “It is promoting pornography and destroying children’s future.”

Crores of people in India are already using the Ticket and all of them have the option to share this app with others. Therefore, there will not be a desired result of preventing access to Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Such experts say. Ticketing is also very popular among children, but it is being criticized all over the spread of ‘pornographic content’. Google and Apple have banned the download of the Chinese short video sharing app after the government’s request.

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According to the market research firm TACC, but there are many such techniques available, which will not affect this restriction. TechCr founder and chief analyst Faisal Cabososa said that any current user of Tikkalkar who has installed this app in his smartphone can share this app with anyone through shareit.

Once the app is shared, it can be installed with great ease. After refusing to ban the original order of the Madras High Court on April 3 by the Supreme Court, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology had asked Google and Apple to block this app.

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