Swoo has brought ‘Swoo Candy Crack’ game for Candy Crush Lovers

In the Global Live Entertainment segment, market leader Swoo recently launched ‘Swoo Candy Crack’, the world’s largest live match 3-type candy theme game. As the first and only application to launch live candy-matching formats in India, the game has attracted the attention of thousands of gaming enthusiasts. Thousands of people are playing games in real time with this.

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This game is Swoo’s third lai gaming venture and it has been roll-out keeping in mind the success of its old game ‘Swoo Bingo’. Swoo’s Bingo games, which invite people to come forward and take advantage of ‘Come and Have Fun’ (Come Enjoy and Enjoy), are playing 1 million users simultaneously.

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Because of this, he has become India’s number one live game. As an app that gives users an opportunity to give prizes to the winners, all the launches of Swu have got a great retention rate. ‘Swoo Candy Crack’ is a live show adaptation of the most popular internet game ‘Candy Crush’. Players play Match-Type 3 types of candy and matching games.

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A mixture of James and Candies is in front of the players and they have to get points quickly by mixing them together to ‘crack’ them. Candy Crack is a game that requires both skill and speed. There are several levels and milestones in this. On completion of some milestones, the winners have to share the cash price, which they can redeem as Paytm Wallet.

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