Now users will be able to transfer money from WhatsApp ! FACEBOOK is making cryptocurrency

The social media platform is making its own cryptocurrency for WhatsApp. Popular Messaging is a WhatsApp company owned by Facebook. The reason for making Facebook’s own crypto is to save users from everyday data leak scandals. That’s why Facebook is working on its cryptocurrency. According to Bloomberg’s report, Facebook is making such cryptocurrency that users […]

Whatsapp CEO is coming to India to meet government officials, Big steps can be taken with Fake News

Chris Daniel, Whatsapp CEO will be on a tour of India by the end of this month. Chris is coming to India to meet government officials and talk to them on encryption and data sharing. The Economic Times reports this information. This information is given with reference to government sources. Chris Daniel took over the […]

WhatssApp For Business

WhatsApp is building new tools to help people and businesses communicate with each other. Since they launched the WhatsApp Business app people have told them that it’s quicker and easier to chat with a business than making a call or sending an e-mail. Today they are expanding their support for businesses that need more powerful […]