These 5 Android games are available free of cost

Many games are available for the Android platform, most of which are free. Although there are many sports pad’s too. If you like to play games, there is good news for you. There are currently some paid games available for the Android platform, but they will be pinned soon. In this way we are telling you about five Android games that are absolutely free at this time. This cell, running on the games, is for a short time. In such a situation, we would recommend that you download these games for free soon.

Dead Bunker II

It is one of the few popular games on the Android platform. First Person Shooter You can download this game for free within a limited time. In this game you keep completing step by step tasks. In this game, you have to travel to different places and search the Secrets.

Orbt XL

This game is similar to a puzzle game, which is quite popular for the Android platform. The player controls a planet in it. Like most puzzle games, you get better score by surviving until the last and the speed of the game also increases significantly.

Timing Hero VIP: Retro Fighting Action RPG

Timing Hero is a 8 bit retro style game. In this game you have to kill the monsters as you did in the Nintendo Games. This game gets better at every level.

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The Hunt for Lost Treasure

Hunt for Lost Treasure is another puzzle game where you get point and click interface. You have to solve the puzzles to find the treasure in this game.

The Lonely Hacker

The Lonely Hacker is an open world simulation game. In this game you can choose any country and continuing the game. Here you have to hack network securities. Security, internet speed and level of efficiency vary according to each country.

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