These two movie characters can be added to PUBG games

PUBG has been a very popular game since the launch. Regardless of whether it is a PC and console version, its mobile version, this game is Famous in every platform. The mobile version of this game has long been made in the list of top games.

Now the developers of Players Aanon Battlegrounds have posted a new video via tweet, which is being considered as a teaser about new upswing costumes. In a teaser, a character from Hollywood Movie named Suicide Squad can be clearly seen. This character has played an actress named Margot Robbie.


Teaser Miramar shows a prefecture involved in the map, which shows Prison in the Suicide Squad movie. The next shot shows the lower part of a character, who is wearing a boot and worn fishnet leggings like Harley Quinn. Apart from this, Baseball Bat, caught in the hands of the character, also points towards being Harley Quinn.

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There is currently no confirmation from the company and the developers about this news. However now it can be estimated that PUBG Corp has partnered with DC Comics to add new costumes to the game. Earlier, the company has also partnered with the Mission Impossible – Fallout maker and has brought the costume associated with the movie.

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