This video has got most dislikes on YouTube

YouTube Rewind is the most disliked video ever on the 2018 video platform. YouTube presented this video at the beginning of this month. This video was a mashup video that was made this year on YouTube with a mix of all videos that were popular this year, but people did not like this video.

This video has been downgraded by 1.1 million people. This video has received 12.7 million views. This video has only got 22 million likes.

Earlier, the music video of Justin Bieber’s Baby was the most disliked video on YouTube. This song of Justin Bieber’s was launched in 2010. YouTube Rewind 2018 video contains videos of Marques Brownlee, Technical Guruji and Actor Will Smith.

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Many viewers have made positive comments on not including PewDiePie in this video. YouTube has been quite popular among young people since the past. It has become a way of earning for children from large to small children. Many people are earning very good due to this platform today.

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