Top 10 Best Android Applications (2017)

There are almost three million applications in the Google Play Store. That is a great deal of applications. Basically running the numbers, one can undoubtedly assess that the vast majority of them aren’t justified regardless of your opportunity, so how would you slice through the waste to discover the applications you truly require?

Dread not. We’re here for you. Much the same as a year ago, we’ve aggregated 50 applications that are basic for Android clients. These range from media applications, to apparatuses, to straightforward housekeeping toll. Regardless of what segment of the Play Store they originated from, they all hold no less than one thing in like manner: they merit a spot in your application drawer.

Inbox by Gmail

The race to locate the ideal email application may have cooled generally, however there are as yet various extraordinary alternatives to look over on Android. Inbox gets our vote on account of its streamlined interface, and inherent smarts. It will package comparable messages together, demonstrate any updates you set for the duration of the day, let you nap messages until the point that you have sufficient energy to manage them and that’s just the beginning.


An exemplary Android application, IFTTT causes you open your smartphone’s potential. Its wide cluster of applets let clients associate numerous applications together, so your Philips Tone lights will flicker when your most loved baseball group scores, or your means from Fitbit will be signed into a spreadsheet on Google Sheets regular and a whole lot more. Support for Google Home and Amazon Alexa make it significantly more valuable.


On the off chance that you live in one of the thousand or more bolstered urban areas, you need Grub Hub on your smartphone. It transforms huge amounts of eateries into moment takeout alternatives since it will convey the nourishment for you. You should simply get it on your smartphone, scan for what you’re desiring and put in the request.

Google Fit

Fit’s best component, beside being a delightful and compelling application in its own right, is its ability to play well with others. On the off chance that you require a more powerful ordeal than what Fit offers with its fundamental wellness following, basically group it up with another wellness application you adore.


There is no lack of console applications in the Play Store, yet Google’s own particular offering is the one you ought to have on your smartphone. Subsequent to appearing on iOS, Mountain View at long last conveyed the full GBoard experience to its own particular working framework months after the fact. In spite of the fact that it appears a straightforward expansion, having a Google seek catch specifically on your console is extraordinarily helpful, making the entire experience of utilizing your cell phone more productive.


Possibly the most lovely Twitter elective on the Play Store, Flamingo raged on the scene a year ago and rapidly turned into a most loved on account of its mix of looks and execution. Despite the fact that it does not have a few highlights the standard application contains, because of Twitter’s very much reported surly state of mind toward outsider applications, it compensates for it by offering the best, uncomplicated, unadulterated Twitter involvement on Android.


Duolingo has long been one of the best language apps on the market, and nothing has changed in 2017. It’s beautifully designed, easy to use and offers real instruction. The app claims that 34 hours of use is equal to a semester of university-level education.


Blendle is a standout amongst the most intriguing new applications to hit the Play Store as of late. It shakes up the method of conveyance for top notch, membership based news coverage, enabling clients to purchase articles individually from top-level distributions like The Washington Post, The New York Times and the sky is the limit from there.

Keeping yourself on errand can be tremendously troublesome. is an extraordinary approach to do as such because of its capacity to synchronize between the majority of your gadgets, including desktop, so you’re generally aware of everything about what’s next on your plan for the day. Include a profound seat of highlights, such as offering records and errands to companions and colleagues, and turns into an unquestionable requirement have.

Android Pay

Dissimilar to iOS, Android has a couple of choices for versatile installments relying upon what gadget you have. In case you’re bolted into Samsung’s Cosmic system line, utilizing that organization’s own installment application is the probable decision. For any other individual, the appropriate response is Android Pay which enables clients to include any card from a taking an interest bank (which is most major U.S. banks) and an extensive number of prizes cards.

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