Use Smartphone’s fingerprint to laptop or desktop unlock

Technology is gaining a new height with time. Talking about the smartphone, you could unlock the smartphone with the help of your fingerprint, until a while ago. Looking at today, it is now taking Face unlock in its place. Now smartphone users can unlock their smartphone from just a glimpse of their face. But if I say that now you can open your laptop or PC with the help of a fingerprint scanner in your smartphone, will you be able to trust it immediately? We know that this is a bit difficult to believe, but today we will tell you how you can do it.


Andrew-X, a member of XDA Developers, has shown such a possible. According to the member, he has taken this inspiration from Samsung Flow. The Samsung Flow User lets you unlock the PC with the help of fingerprint of your Samsung smartphone. Andrew-X believed that if it is possible to do this through Samsung’s app then it can be done either through a third-party app. Now the user has created an app called Remote Fingerprint Unlock. This app lets the user remotely unlock the laptop or the PC, and the special thing is that you can do this through the fingerprint of your smartphone. Tell you that it is possible only when your smartphone and laptop or PC are connected on the same network.

Now if you are thinking that it is difficult to do this, then let us tell you that it is not difficult to do this. You have to follow carefully some steps, after which you can easily unlock your laptop or PC through your smartphone Are there. Follow the steps below to follow this carefully.

How To Set Up Remote Fingerprint Unlock

Remote Fingerprint Unlock is very easy to setup. All you have to do is download the Android app and install the Windows Fingerprint Critical Module and complete the setup process within the app. If you are thinking of a longer name like the Windows Fingerprint Critical Module and thinking that it is difficult to work then tell you that it is as easy and easy to setup as it is difficult and difficult to understand.

First download and install Remote Fingerprint Unlock from Google’s Play Store.

Now download and install the perfect Windows Fingerprint Credential Module for your laptop or PC. (Before installing it, carefully read the setup and warning set in it.)

Now open the Android app and go to the scan section.

After going into the scan section, start scanning to find your PC or laptop.

Now you will see all the laptops and PCs (if you have more than one PC or Laptop running on the same network) included in the SEM network on the screen in front of you.

Now you have to choose the PC or laptop you need to setup. If you want, you can name the chosen PC or laptop for your convenience.

Now after editing a PC or laptop, you have to go to the Accounts section.

Now you have to click on “Add Account” and enter the name and password of the account used in your PC or laptop.

This last step is most important. Now after adding an account to the unlock account, you will now have to click above the account name in the same section, from which “Selected” is forwarded. To better understand this, you can see the screenshot above. Let us know that if you do not do this then you will see an error message that says “no default account has been selected.”

After following all the steps above, you can unlock your PC or laptop using the fingerprint scanner of your smartphone. To check this, first lock your PC. Now you will see a new user account called “Fingerprint Unlock” (see in the picture above). If it shows ‘module is active’ that means the remote unlock credential module is ready to be used, it means that now you are fully ready to unlock your PC or laptop via your phone.

Now you have to open the app installed on your smartphone and go to unlock section. Now you have to give your fingerprint on the fingerprint scanner of the smartphone (like you do to unlock your smartphone).
By doing this, your PC or laptop will be immediately unlocked.

It does not give any kind of security to your PC but it can save you from the hassle of repeatedly typing long and hard passwords on the lock screen. Not only this, it seems very high-tech and you can also impress your friends with it.

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