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We have a basic mission, which is to help you enhance and make the most of your life more with Android. This implies we’re devoted to staying up with the latest on the best new equipment and applications and helping you to pick the correct stuff for your necessities. Furthermore, once you’ve downloaded an application or purchased an Android gadget we’ll help you get the best from it with fundamental tips and counsel.

Whether it’s bits of gossip about energizing new items, top to bottom surveys of the most recent and most prominent Android telephones, tablets and different gadgets, suggestions of the best applications to download today or tips to help you get more from Android, you’ll see everything on Android Awareness.com

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Because  People used to search; How do you make your phone better? How to make your phone beautiful? How to make your android phone look cool? phone tips and tricks 2018, smartphone camera tips, mobile apps to make your phone look cool, smartphone secrets, best android mobile tips, smartphone tricks and tips you don’t know about, android 101 tips and tricks, how to use android phone effectively? How do you use an Android phone? How do I get my phone to charge faster? I know you are able to and know making calls, send text messages and how to use 4G Internet, but after reading this page, I hope you will get realized that there is more than a smartphone you have held in your hand than you are thinking behind its friendly & simple user-interface.

There are all types of hidden smartphone tricks & secret features and quick hacks you can take advantage of doing more with your Android device. Google is constantly making tweaks and extending the new features for Android; and that is why, with more than 82% market share, Andoird is No.1 mobile platform in the world. Google’s Android OS is more adaptable and highly customizable than Apple OS, so the Android OS is listed at the top of mobile operating systems. Instead of android phone release dates I always like to find something new but working android hidden features, and eager to share with you.

Either you are new in mobile world or in any particular version of Android OS phone these hidden things in android phones & quick smartphone tricks help you improving your Android phone performance quickly. Everyone wants to know best phone tips & smartphone tricks but to help android phone selector to choose one, check out from android phone basics to how to use a smartphone effectively? What a smartphone can do that a regular phone can’t? So Feel Free To Find Everything on Android awareness.


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