WhatsApp is bringing two new features to users

Whatsapp is working on two new features for users

The popular messaging platform, Whatsapp, is working on two new features. During the whitspeed messaging, one after another is working on multiple audio playback and shortcut to group calls. A report has been given to this fact. Whatsapp keeps working on new features to make its platform user friendly and retractive. Apart from this, Whatsapp has also introduced the feature to curb Fake News. In which if a video has been shared multiple times, then the user gets to know it. Forwarded is written next to the video or message.

Now Whatsapp is working on two new features for users. Users will be able to playback multiple audio while continuously chatting in it. The shortcut feature for group calls is also being worked on.

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Both of these features have been spotted on beta versions of Whatsapp. This means that these features are being tested right now. Under the first of these features, users will be able to play one after another with voice messaging. In other features, whatsapp group is going to make more impressions in calling. For this, the video calling shortcut is being worked on, which will become ed in the top right corner during the conversation in the group.

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