WhatsApp for JioPhone on KaiOS

For the first time, Whatsapp will be available for Jiophone all over India. Whatsapp made a new version of his personal messaging app for Jiophone, which was running the KaoS operating system, to give people a simple, reliable and secure way to communicate with people and family.

The new app offers the best and reliable message of Whatsapp and the ability to send photos and videos – all end-to-end encrypted It is also easy to record and send voice messages with only two tap on the keypad. To get started, JioPhone users only need to verify their phone number and then they can start chatting with other WHATSAPP users or in groups.

Whatsapp is available in the Geophone AppStore starting today. You can download Whatsapp on both jiophone and jiophone 2 by visiting Appstore and clicking on the download.

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