Whatsapp will bring Dark Mode feature soon

Instant Messaging Service Whatsapp will soon roll out the Dark Mode feature in your app. This information came out through WABetaInfo. WABetaInfo is a popular specialty blog which reports on WhatsApp’s new features and information. Smartphone users via dark mode will be able to set the dark theme while using the app. Similar dark themes offer the second app telegram and YouTube too.

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WhatsApp is bringing two new features to users

If you use whatsapp much, dark mode features will extend the battery life of the phone. Apart from this, dark themes are also good for eyes, so that you will not have any problem while using the app. Whatsapp still gives a white background default for iOS and Android.

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Samsung Galaxy F phones will come with a very limited unit

SoonWhatSafe will make Dark Mode available for both operating systems. This feature is currently in the development stage and it may be the first rollout for beta users.

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YouTube is offering these new features

Facebook-owned Whatsapp constantly keeps adding new features and new improvements to its app. Earlier, the company rollout the group video calling feature. The company has also rolled out voice message playback recently.

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