Why Instagram had to remove the new feature in an hour

Popular photo sharing app Instagram, owned by Facebook, had to return to its old features in just an hour, instead of its new feature. The company had to remove the new features within an hour after the user responded. Actually, the latest update of the Instagram is going to look at the tap feature instead of scrolling. Users flocked on this and Instagram had to remove this feature.


In fact, after the update in Instagram, the option of taping instead of scrolling was coming to see Friends’ pictures feed. After this, Instagram users expressed their anger on Twitter. After this, Instagram tweeted not only apologize but also cleared it. Instagram wrote that due to a bug some users began to see changes in their feed today. We immediately corrected this bug and the feed has now become as normal as before.

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Actually, due to this bug, users were required to tap the right or left rather than scrolling directly to the next picture or video. After recovering the bug, Instagram’s chief Adam Moseri also came clean on the tweet. He wrote that a feature was being tested.

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