YouTube is offering these new features

New features on YouTube

YouTube is expanding a new feature on its platform. Youtube is spreading stories like the popular messaging app instagram. This feature was first brought to Snapchat and after that it was followed by Instagram. At the same time, Skype was not so successful in this feature, while LinkedIn has recently adopted it. Now YouTube is going to expand this feature.

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Do not download these games in your Smartphone

Snapchat introduced Stories feature to share messages and videos. Now YouTube wants to follow this trend. The company is expanding the storey features like Instagram to more and more creators. This feature has begun for creators from today.

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WhatsApp is bringing two new features to users

The creatives on YouTube who have more than 10,000 subscribers can take advantage of this feature. Youtube and Instagram will be the same in the story’s approach. Both YouTube Stories Subscribers and Non-Subscribers will be for users. Users will be able to see the stories on the YouTube app for up to seven days. This feature will prove to be very beneficial for youtubers. This will enable them to increase user engagement on their platform. Apart from this, YouTube users will also be allowed to ask and comment on the comments on the stories. Apart from this, the creators will respond publicly to those comments.

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