Youtube Down With Network Error in Whole World

Google’s favorite video streaming app YouTube was down to the whole world including India, though now the company has fixed it. Now you can run Youtube without any problem. The company has also done a tweet after fixing YouTube, which states that the problems coming on the YouTube platform have been removed. Now you can watch the video on the platform without any difficulty.

The company has said that if you still feel any difficulty on the platform, then you can give us information about it.
Earlier, before 8 o’clock in the morning, users were unable to access this platform in their mobile, desktop and other equipment, due to which people are facing many problems. Many YouTube users mentioned on social media that they could not run YouTube. There was an error while playing a video on YouTube.

The news agency also informed that YouTube is running down in the whole world. When we tried to play video on YouTube itself, the video was not running on the platform. After this, YouTube released a Twitter post and said that thanks to telling the difficulties coming to YouTube. We are working on fixing it.

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